Friday, July 25, 2014

LtCol Promotion Ceremony - CONGRATS DADDY!

 Before leaving Florida, Daddy was promoted to a well deserved LtCol. We  are so , so proud of him and Col West did an amazing job at the ceremony. He touched upon all the highlights in Dads career starting way back as an Air Force cadet. It was truly inspiring to hear and reminded me just how lucky we are to have such a tremendous man in our lives. Congratulations LtCol Anderson!! We love you so much!

Col West sharing Daddy's awesome accomplishments.

Handsome man!

Pinning on new rank

The Oath of Office

First congratulations!

Presentations. This was a plaque Dad made for the boys.

They were thrilled.

I got beautiful flowers.

Grandpa and Grandma Anderson were able to join us.

Best neighbors ever! Oh we so miss you guys!!

The fam.

Presenting LtCol Anderson

Office all will be missed.
Thanks to everyone involved in organizing such a special event. It was a perfect day despite the 24 hour delay due to Rain Storm 2014!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello? Anyone home????


Just yesterday, we got out Internet connected at our new home in Colorado Springs! We left Florida May 8th so we have been a little scattered over the past two months. We did squeeze in lots of climbing, visiting family & friends, hiking and traveling so I have TONS to catch up! So, stay tuned and we will be back!!!


Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Water fight with the neighbor...check out the hose vs. squirt gun
 Easter weekend started with a water fight with our neighbors. Well, a water fight between Hugh and Axel but from my assessment, it was slightly one sided. That didn't stop this playdate!
Tiny, tiny squirt gun at that. It didn't matter, he was having a blast!

Having a blast until this moment when he realized we was definitely losing this battle and was wet and cold! HA!
 Once we were clean, dry and warm, the boys busted out the egg dying kit.

This photo shows Axel's personality so well. This is my boy and he is psyched!!!

I was very impressed. Next year I think we will crack them all, those were my favorite.
 Easter morning...
The Easter Bunny found one clean spot in our house. He had trouble finding one basket so a couple new ones showed up this year. They are deep and hide candy very well.

See Lucas' blanket? He wears it every night like a cape to stay cozy. Thank you Skyler for the perfect gift!

Checking out the goodies.

Still our Lego man.

There is no end to Legos and now that he has been inspired by the Lego Movie, we are in trouble. :)

Still digging.

We are starting a quarter collection.

My little scientist. This is a huge book all about Elements and he is in love.
 Egg Hunt. Let's put an emphasis on Egg HUNT!! The Easter Bunny stepped it up this year. All eggs were outside and actually hidden. Lucas and Axel each got a list of how many eggs they each needed to find broken out by color. Each color had one type of goodie. There were 74 eggs...let the games begin!!
They are ready!

Lucas getting a clue from Daddy that he just ran past about 10 eggs.

Yellow egg on the yellow hose....there's another one hidden there too which wasn't found for quite awhile.

Even in the pine needles?!?

Now he's getting the hang of it.

So was Axel, he LOVED this hunt!

Still looking...spread out guys!

Do you see it?

Here's another one...

We had a blast watching the boys hunt. Pretty soon, we would be joining them to find the last 10 or so.

Tricky Easter Bunny!

I love this one.

Nice work Lucas!

Way to go Axel!

Double checking.

This cracked us up...the green egg is just above his right hand barely visible. It took a few minutes to find it and we were cracking up. Both boys missed it!

Eventually the eggs were all found +/- a few. :) All in all, it was the best hunt ever!
Later in the day, we headed to Seaside, FL. We had been to this Easter Dash before but it had been a few years.
Waiting patiently.

Hi Dad!

Spreading out 12,000 eggs.

Almost ready.

These two were definitely ready. They had a plan to run out past the first set so they wouldn't get trampled and have access to more eggs.

They worked their way to the front of the entrance. I have no idea where they are exactly so I sent Dad to the other side of the field to track them down.

There they are, smack in the middle of the photo right up front.

Discussing techniques.

Hey, there's Dad!

And they are off! The announcer started his speech and someone jumped the gun. We thought it might have been Lucas but clearly, it was the girl in the pink. :) Either way, everyone was so happy to get things started after waiting around for 40 minutes.

Go, go, go!

Great spot Axel. Way to stick with your plan!

You too Lucas, lots of eggs but watch out...the piranhas are coming.

Almost gone!

And done! I think it took less than 5 minutes for these kiddos to clean up.

Showing Mom all their loot and describing their experience.

Axel you did great!

You both did great! HAPPY EASTER!!!

Above Photo: Downtown Portland Oregon Bike Ride

The Danger Zone needed a little update to include not only LUCAS DANGER, but also his little brother...AXEL ADVENTURE!

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